This is the perfect place to call home! I’m Barb and I’m an Interior Designer.  I love creating and turning a space that was once tired and cold into something warm and full of life.

This site is a place for thoughts and things I discover and uncover day to day.  I like to think of myself as having pretty good taste!  I have a soft spot for things that sparkly and I sometimes can get too hooked on the latest animal print to get popular.

Along with my husband Shane and our two daughters Natalie and Rebecca we call Southern California our home.  I’m originally from back East and have always been a big fan of the fall.

October being my favorite month…and all the colors that it brings.  I have some adjustment to do here out on the left coast

Shane is a huge fan of the water and fancies himself a ‘part-time’ Pirate.  He has spoiled me and the girls with the occasional weekend trip to Catalina Island (and boy do I have stories and pictures galore of those!)

He has been encouraging me to put my thoughts down on a website and has made this for me.  He is my very own tech guru and I have the perfect person right here in our house to go to for advice on blogging and tech things.

So from here on out I’ll update with things as they come to mind and affect my life.  Hopefully I can give you some inspiration as well!